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GoldmanCFD ECN, or electronic communication network, is a unique mechanism that links different participants operating within the Forex market: banks, centralized exchanges, other brokers, companies and private investors.

GoldmanCFD ECN is based on the most innovative technology for Forex margin trading. As stated, participants of an ECN include banks, centralized exchanges, large companies offering their services in the OTC FOREX (Over the Counter) Market and private investors. GoldmanCFD gives its clients institutional liquidity and instantaneous error-free order execution.

Protection of confidential personal information of our clients and partners is our key priority.

ECN trading is recommended for experienced traders and those who prefer scalping as their major trading strategy. The ECN Model uses Market Execution, which means that your order will be filled in the interbank market but the execution price may differ from the price you requested upon placing the order.

Reasons To Choose ECN Accounts:

  • Best Prices, Spreads and Execution: GoldmanCFD advanced price aggregating technology accumulates liquidity from the industry’s largest banks in order to provide the best prices, real market spreads from 0.6 pips. What does this mean? Seamless order execution(s).
  • All Trading Styles are Allowed: scalping, news-trading, automated HFT, Expert Advisors – there are no limitations with GoldmanCFD trading system.
  • ECN is Affordable: $500 minimum deposit, 0.01 lot and commissions starting from 7 USD per standard lot.

Goldman CFD ECN Trading Account